10 Secrets for a Landlord

  1. Shrewd tenant selection
  2. Neutral and easily maintainable decor;
  3. Detailed Check In and Check Out inventory
  4. Guarantee
  5. Maintain good relations with tenant through frequent contact, regular inspections
  6. Record Keeping
    1. Tenant pack with copies of utility suppliers, certificates and deposits;
    2. Insurance;
    3. References;
    4. Tenant details;
    5. Repairs;
    6. Decoration.
  7. Anticipate your actions in areas of contention. Speak to a lawyer once; the advice should hold good for years and many tenants. The main areas of contentions are:-
    1. Damage
    2. Cleaning
    3. Maintenance
    4. Rent arrears
    5. Early Termination
  8. Continuously review your tenancy agreement, particularly clause on:-
    1. Pets
    2. Cleaning
    3. Garden Maintenance
  9. Trigger point of action is 1 month arrears
  10. Repair quickly and effectively