Court Action

Going to court- can often prove to be a time consuming and expensive process, so before you do, think about the following:

  • What will I gain by going to court?
  • Will it be worth it given the possible costs I will incur?
  • Does the Defendant have resources if I win?
  • Do I have the time and availability to fight this issue?
  • Have I spoken to the other side and negotiated?


Lancasters Solicitors is able to assist in the following ways:

  • Advise you on chances of success
  • Advise you on Collection of evidence
  • Advise you on possible types of court action
  • Advise and execute negotiation where possible
  • Advise you on litigation procedure
  • To prepare court paperwork
  • To provide court representation
  • To advise on possible enforcement

Of Interest

There are a number of different courts in England and Wales, each dealing in different areas of the law or different levels of importance and value of case. It is more than likely that if your issue lays in the commercial world that your issue will be dealt with by a county court. These can be found in 92 different cities in England and Wales.

If a claim is under the value of £10,000 (under £1,000 if a personal injury claim) and the issue is not complex, the matter is likely to be allocated to the Small Claims Court.

The intention of the court is that each party represents himself. Solicitors are permitted although each party must pay for his own legal costs whether they win or lose.

In most other courts the rule is that the unsuccessful party will pay the legal costs.