A testator’s “Last Will and Testament” or “Will” is a document which sets out the testator’s wishes for the distribution of his wealth after he has died. A codicil is a separate document which makes some amendment to the will. A letter of wishes is a separate letter which may set out the reasons behind the terms of the Will.

On the deceased’s executors being granted probate (approval to deal with the estate) the Will and any Codicil become public documents which are available to anyone.


  • Advice on amending a will
  • Advice on a will if about to marry or divorce
  • Advice on Estate Planning
  • Advice on gifts in a will
  • Advice on removing a person from a will
  • Advice on Letters if wishes

Of Interest

The necessities of a will are set out in the Wills Act 1837. The primary points are:

  • That the testator must intent to make a will
  • That the Testator must sign the Will which is witnessed by 2 independent people
  • That the witness should not be an executor or Trustee and should be a beneficiary