10 Secrets On How To Proceed When Receiving A Court Claim

  1. Note the date that the documents were received… double check!
  2. Diarise all response dates.
  3. Send an acknowledgment of service – get proof of postage – telephone court to ensure receipt. (A call is cheaper than applying to set aside a Judgment).
  4. If a full or part admission is sent to the court a Judgment will be given for the amount admitted. This must be paid within 28 days to avoid the Judgment being registered.
  5. If a claim is defended, the Defence should refer to every paragraph and briefly explain why it is incorrect. A short explanation why no balance is claimed should be given and final a comment that ‘everything else is denied’.
  6. If the Claimant owes the Defendant money or other, a Counter Claim may be filed in addition to the defence.
  7. The next stage will be that the court will either order a timetable of tasks or a hearing to discuss such a timetable.
  8. The tasks include:
    1. swapping statements;
    2. providing the other side with the documents that they will show to the Judge;
    3. Allowing inspection of original documents;
    4. Jointly requesting a report from an independent expert
  9. The final task will be the hearing date.
  10. The rules for presenting claims and actions are set out in the Civil Procedure Rules or CPR.